Leaping Sky

Sensei of a Dead Order


It’s anyone’s guess how old Leaping Sky is; he is definitely well past his 60’s, with his weathered, lined face, bushy white brows and a long thin white beard that reaches down past his waist. Regardless of his age, however, his body is still strong and hale, and his warm brown eyes still glimmer with wit and gaiety. He usually wears unassuming robes or other loose fitting clothing.


Leaping Sky has been a Sensei of the Monks of the Lotus Wheel for a long, long time. He is a strict, demanding master but can also be humorous and playful in turn. His motivations are sympathetic: to protect and train his remaining students, and to one day rescue the downtrodden people of Chu Ye from slavery and revive the Monks of the Lotus Wheel. He sees his students as not only the last remaining legacy of his Order but as the instrument to bring about its resurrection.

Leaping Sky

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