Rules for Character Creation

Abilities: Point buy at Standard Fantasy levels (15 points)

Races: The heroes can be of any race either in the Core Rulebook or the Dragon Empires campaign setting, although it is respectfully suggested that long maturing races (elves, dwarves) not be included for sake of cohesion (however, in this campaign world, Samsaran and Wayang reach maturity only slightly later than humans, so are more applicable to choose). Also keep in mind the rarity of some Core Rulebook races in Tian Xia when making your character and seek DM approval before committing to one of those races.

Character Advancement: Medium Level

Starting Age: The heroes were around 10 years old when they escaped the sacking of the monastery, and at the game’s inception are now around 16 years old. If the hero would like to start at a different age, please work with the DM

Starting Level: 2nd (see below)

Classes: The heroes begin play at level 2, with at least one level being in the Monk class. Heroes are encouraged to multi-class, but keep in mind the appropriateness of other classes chosen at the game’s inception based on the current backstory of the game and your character. Work with the DM if you’re set on a character class that might seem outlandish for the situation. See Monk Errata for more details on the monk class, especially dealing with alignment restrictions. Lastly, keep in mind when choosing a class that weapons are currently outlawed in Chu Ye.

Starting Hit Points: Maximum HP on Class Hit Die

Archetypes: Any (see Monk Errata)

Equipment: Due to the special conditions at the beginning of the game, the heroes start with 20 gold each. Keep in mind that in Chu Ye weapons have been outlawed, and as such are very hard to find, resulting in a 4x inflation of its listed market value. If a particular weapon or expensive item is needed due to backstory/class feature, work with the DM.

Alignment: NG,CG, LG (see Monk Errata). Upon reaching 3rd level, the heroes will be allowed a one time immediate change in alignment based on class needs, preference, and/or personality changes

Faith/Deity: Any applicable

Skills/Traits: Due to the nature of the campaign, all heroes receive a new trait, Natural Performer, for free. It is suggested (but not required) that each hero have at least one rank in the Perform skill.
Natural Performer: Your time spent living with the performers of the Thousand Radiant Blossoms have instilled in you a love and respect for the performing arts. You receive a +2 bonus on one chosen type of Perform check, and Perform is always a class skill for you.

Rules for Character Creation

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