Tofu Goku

Tofu is a Kataran who was abducted from his tribe around age 2 and put into slavery to later escape and take refuge in a nearby monastary.


Tofu is a level 2 Monk of the Five Winds. He is 5’11 255 pounds. He has golden fur all over his body with dark brown skin. He uses a metal bow staff that doubles as a greater blowgun. His HP is 18 and his AC is 19. Ref 6 fort 4 will 6. He is neutral good.


Tofu was given his name by slavers and is very touchy about it. He was beaten and abused from a very early age and has adopted a distant somewhat brooding demeanor. He isn’t particularly put off by any other races as there were plenty of other races serving as slaves with him when he was young. He is very agile and wise for his age being only 16 and likes to show off at any given time his abilities. He has a sharp wit and is prone to sarcastic comments that are somewhat biting but his heart is pure and he has a secret love interest that he knows is ill fated and impossible give the difference in his true love’s race.

He doesn’t care much for his own race as he believes that Kataran’s are strong and his family should have come to save him when he was taken by slavers. He has always wondered what happened to his tribe but being 16 he is still full of angst where the subject is concerned. All he can remember of his early childhood was being beaten and told always what to do and where to be. He escaped at age 7 when the people he was serving were staying near another village about to attempt more abductions. The bandits left him alone in a shack with a single chain around his foot… showing promise even at that age as an escape artist he freed himself and sprinted into the woods knowing that he could do little at that time to help the people or creatures the bandits were about to invade he made a vow to one day hunt down and bring to justice the people who were responsible for his capture and torment.

He spent weeks wondering in the woods looking for a place where people wouldn’t shun him. Being Kataran most villages wouldn’t even let him in and though this bothered him he was to young to care at least he was free. Eventually half starved and more than a little sick he stumbled upon the monks. They never balked at his race and fed and clothed him. He immediately began study as a monk finding their unarmed methods to be exciting he became a quick study and progressed rapidly. He made friends in the temple and though he is standoffish wants very badly to be accepted and loved.

Tofu Goku

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