Satoshi Chiyoko

Zhen Yu Springs Master of Entertainment


Satoshi Chiyoko, or “Chiyo” as she is known by intimates, is a breathtakingly beautiful woman. Although she looks to be no more than in her mid 30s, rumors abound that she is much older. The fact that she is a good friend of Leaping Sky, who is easily in his 70s, supports this claim. Regardless, she has ivory skin, blue black, straight hair, and arresting, golden brown eyes. She is rarely if ever seen without makeup, always artfully applied, and her long, flowing kimonos.


Little is known about Chiyoko, and she prefers to support this mystery by neatly sidestepping questions about herself. She is currently the Master of Entertainment at Zhen Zu Springs in Chu Ye, and has held this position as long as anyone can remember. The only hint to her past comes in the form of the old monk Leaping Sky, who is a dear friend of hers; rumors state that once, many years ago, the two were adventuring companions that traveled Chu Ye as part of a troupe of vagabond entertainers. If further rumor is to be believed, the troupe also moonlighted as adventurers that made quite a name for themselves.
Chiyoko is as smart as she is lovely, and possesses a wicked wit that she often uses to keep her entertainers in line. She is well known as a demanding perfectionist, but holds a soft spot in her heart for children.

Satoshi Chiyoko

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