Fantasy art steve argyle return of the shogun

After the calamitous fall of the imperial dynasty of Lung Wa, the nation of Chu Ye is conquered from within by insidious oni. After a period of anarchy, a great oni rises, a voidlord named Tsuneni, and with his fist of iron he claims the country as a Shogunate. Under his rule humanity and the other races are horribly abused, treated as nothing more than slaves, playthings, and occasionally food. Upon assuming power, the Shogun’s first decree is that the famed healing monks known as the Order of the Lotus Wheel, the only martial order native to Chu Ye, be destroyed to a man.
Venerable Master Leaping Sky was in the acolyte quarters teaching when the attack struck. Using vile sorceries and dishonorable tactics, the oni breached the gates and destroyed half of the guards within moments. Seeing the frightened children before him, Leaping Sky knew what he must do-protect his charges. He ushered the youths through a forgotten secret passage cut deep into the mountain, escaping slaughter.
Years pass, as they inevitably do. Leaping Sky and his acolytes have remained hidden in the town of Laon at the foot of the mountain, known for its onsen (hot springs) called Zhen Yu, once one of the most famed in the country and exclusive to Lung Wa imperials. For all he knows, the other members of his order are all dead, but he continues to train his acolytes in secret, now young adults. The onsen still operates, although clients now are mostly vile oni or, more often, nearly as vile humans who have assumed power serving under their new masters. He and his acolytes have taken on roles in the complex as performers, and have been witness to all manner of atrocities committed by Shogunate officials lounging there. He has practiced sublime patience, and has instilled this important stance in all his students. But the acolytes are growing restless, and the time is coming when they will be ready to strike back…

Retribution of the Lotus Wheel

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